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We love our customers and their communities, and we're happy to hear that the feeling is mutual.

“Discourse is used as an open community platform for Kotlin-related discussions. In addition to other feedback channels, it helps the team to get direct feedback from language users and contributors in a convenient manner, and discuss all the issues and suggestions with all interested parties.”

—Mikhail Vink, JetBrains

“CodeCombat uses Discourse as a general forum for its players to talk about programming concepts, help each other debug difficult levels, and share game strategies. We also get a lot of bug reports there, which is great for players who wouldn’t have emailed us or gone to GitHub to file an issue.

As an open source project, we have promoted some amazing forum moderators from amongst our players, and they help the community learn to help itself when the core team can’t handle the onslaught. For a project with a wide mix of young kids and older players, it’s surprising how well it works. Discourse and GitHub are the two most important pieces of the CodeCombat community."

—Nick Winter, CodeCombat

“It’s really oriented towards community and considering that in 4 months since I started the forum I got over 20k posts and a lot of active and engaged members I can say it’s doing just that.”


“Our Discourse forum is the epicenter of our community. We have been active on social media (facebook, twitter, etc) for a few years and as our community grew significantly, we realized we needed a more flexible medium to engage with our users. We tried a few alternatives and nothing came close to Discourse in term of encouraging healthy and constructive discussion despite a very passionate and diverse audience.

—Philippe, Infinite Flight

“(…) we’re spread around the world and we’re also organized fairly traditionally into fairly independent silos. Email and chat were not helping us share knowledge and solve problems across geographical, organizational, and temporal boundaries. So we’re trying to move lots of discussions to Discourse. It’s working, and it’s helping.

—Avi Flax, Park Assist

“Having a forum allows us to do a number of community centric things: run contests, talk strategy, facilitate fan art, report/resolve bugs, talk about player feedback and feature suggestions, and discuss updates. Ultimately, it helps us build a stronger identity as a community-first developer, since we are able to foster stronger connections with individual community members and the community as a whole through our activity there.”

—Gordon, Proletariat

“First and foremost my favourite thing is the responsiveness of the dev team. They really do respond to user feedback, in a way I’ve never seen. You can post your issues on Discourse Meta, and whether you like the answer or not, you ALWAYS get one, usually within minutes. Every serious issue is resolved within days or even hours. They push dozens of updates every day. No other software project of this scale provides customer support of this quality. Thank you Discourse team!! You guys are the best.”

—Chris, Drive On Wood

“The wide range of Discourse tools, as well as its intelligence that comes out of the box, made it possible for our community to thrive — despite the fact that the number of potential users is very limited. I run an online community of Ukrainian goat keepers. (…) I DO believe that one of the key factors in achieving our goals was and still is using Discourse. (…) Discourse is worth the effort and time you spend on learning its features. Your productivity will boost. You will be able to do much more with fewer team members compared to other discussion engines. JUST USE IT.


“The level of thought which has gone into Discourse isn’t apparent when you first start working with it, but over time it really is impressive to see how rich the feature set is. Well done!”


“Just started testing Discourse and building my own D site a little over 2 weeks ago. Got notified by email this morning from my own site telling me of the new version available. Did the simple one click upgrade on Discourse and discourse-solved and voila all upgraded and working 100% in under 5 minutes. Very impressed with this upgrade procedure, well done to the team 👏👏👏”


“On a separate note, I continue to be impressed by DC and the Team - well done all of you for making one of the best forum platforms around. It’s been my favourite platform for a while now, and (as someone who has used a lot of forum platforms over the last ten years) I would rate it as the current leader, the industry standard 👍👏 (…) it’s just a much nicer experience being on a Discourse forum than it is on one of its competitors. So well done the DC Team, I know I’ve said it before but no harm repeating myself 😁”

—Aston, Elixir Forum

“I want to point out how much of a difference the Discourse app makes. I used to engage on Discourse mobile once a week or so, no more. I am now doing probably half of my interactions with Discourse on mobile, day in day out, both posts and pageviews. Most of our power users have picked up the app too.”


“I’d been using Discourse for some time as a user over at the SAFE net forum and so knew it well from a user perspective and really enjoyed using it so after browsing “forum software” on Google one Sunday morning and noticing it just stood out like a glorious champion stallion flanked by donkeys I decided what the hell. It sure as heck looked and behaved a lot better than most other discussion forum software and websites I had used before and was lightning fast."


“Hey! I just wanted to thank the Discourse & Ember team for their great work. My little forum is performing great and my community loves all the features Discourse offers! 🎉 We make bots and hacks for World of Warcraft private servers. The API feature let’s our users post bug reports inside the game directly to Discourse haha, it’s so cool 😃”


“I was a fan of Discourse before, but now I’m an evangelist! This kind of support can only come from people who care deeply about online communities, what they stand for, and why they matter.


“I want to thank the whole discourse team for such a “system” you have created, you take all my admiration and even though I am dying to learn Ruby, my brain will not let me hahaha (lol) 😃.”


“There is some magic in what people feel when they get used to the Discourse-way of doing things. It irritates almost everyone when they try it, but then it gradually makes people happy, then extremely happy, then they become addicted to this discussion engine. I know what I’m talking about — I spoke to tens of them, and absolutely all of them, even the haters eventually fell in love with our forum, and can’t use competitors forums anymore. I realize it might be specific to our mentality or nationality. And I realize we are actually lucky in that in 2 years time, no single competitor decided to try Discourse as well. So we still are alone on this market using Discourse, and it makes big difference in terms of user experience, being part of why we became No.1 in this niche.”


“The level of thought which has gone into Discourse isn’t apparent when you first start working with it, but over time it really is impressive to see how rich the feature set is.


“...I’m truly impressed at how slick everything is, and the degree to which stuff is pre-set and configured for folk like me.”


“I actually noticed this the other day. I started writing a message on desktop, but soon realized I’d have to draw a small diagram and include it to the message. I drew the diagram on paper, switched to mobile, took a pic, uploaded it to the message draft, and then continued writing on desktop. This functionality is amazing! Really helps my idea workflow, which still uses a lot of paper.”


“A thoughtful, progressive and pragmatic combination of tech and social science. Clean UI on both the user and admin/manager side."


“Thank you Discourse for letting Ben’s Friends focus on what we love – bringing support to patients with rare diseases across the world.”

—Scott Orn, Community List –

“We’ve been using googlegroups for a long time for a software support forum and I was happy enough - it was easy, “did the job” and compared to the various BB options I didn’t feel the need to switch. Having spent a few days now using Discourse I’m blown away. There are so many neat, useful features in here, without it feeling overwhelming and bloated. I keep coming and finding another thing that it does “right” and I just keep getting happier!”


“I also appreciate the consideration given by the founders and expert community members to a vast number of topics and the many new/noob members. ❤️There is a signficant time commitment in keeping up with the topics and responding quickly. Thank you.”


“The average (initial) post length on my forums is about a page long, with most responses being several paragraphs long. I’m thankful for the work done to ease readability and comfort.


“In recent years, I worked with many forum platforms and CMS and the Discourse was the one that made me happy, we have a few plugins but the support, the community and the platform is wonderful! I love this community all were always nice to me”


“Traditionally, most of our communication has been done via mailing lists, but as our community has grown over the past few years the mailing list model has increasingly become a hurdle for us for many types of communication, for a variety of reasons. This topic on Meta gives a nice overview of why a particular sub-community inside Frostbite really prefers Discourse over mailing lists. (…) tl;dr Frostbite ❤️ Discourse!"

—Jake, Frostbite

“I use Discourse for almost a year now, and I like the constant evolution of the forum and the search of performances at the same time. I noticed the big evolution on Android devices for example, that was a great change.”


“Thanks for making discourse available to us! The Hopscotch Community has brought us all together from all ages and all places around the world, into one giant coding forum! The beautiful display and convenience is sure to be one of the best forum displays I’ve ever seen. Thanks again.”


"It’s a space for all coworkers to discuss, be it current methodology, philosophy, vision or strategy. We also love shared knowledge through best practices, new tools and the best ideas around. (…) All the conversation that matters and deserves a calm space to be on lives in Discourse. Everything else, the quick and inconsequential things, go to Slack."

—David, GoodRebels

“I work with various non-profit organizations who have internal email, mailing lists, and social media, but no communities. Discourse is an incredible tool for building a community. Thank you. Many solutions will let you build a community on their platform (Facebook, LinkedIn,, etc.)–good for their platform. I like Discourse because organizations can build their own communities.


“I’ve been using Discourse to run my classes since last May. I spend a good deal of time in Discourse on my own site and here. I just went to a forum to try to solve a problem with a piece of software I used. And WOW. That forum is horrible. A year ago I’d not have noticed."


“The best part is it works so great on phone, adopts to the screen and you get all the features which you see in full fledged screen…”


“Discourse flies. It does what I want it to do, and out-of-the-box defaults make a ton of sense.”


“In a matter of a couple hours I updated from 1.4 to 1.5, added about 4 new plugins and changed domains for my Discourse instance, all with the help of the great How To guides that are provided here. I just wanted to drop a word of praise for how well documented some of these guides are, as well as the great search capabilities here on meta for finding solutions to problems that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.”


I have to say, this has been some of the best web software I have ever encountered. So well considered and thought out, simple and elegant. Excellent job, please keep up the great work. I’m now an official, loyal supporter.


“Just a quick note to say thanks for all the hard work… adding features, answering questions, fixing bugs. Discourse is a pretty amazing platform, and the rate of development makes me smile.”


“I’ve been following Discourse closely since it was first announced, and a friend asked me for advice on what software to build a new community with. Having participated in a few of the early communities including How To Geek out of curiousity, and seen the direction with which the project has headed, I wholeheartedly recommended Discourse. Of course, this turned into “can you set it up for me”, and I’m happy to say the setup went amazingly well, even with my fatfingered typos in the app.yml on the first try, and the admin interface really is a dream come true for anyone that’s had to work with those other antiquated forums.


“The more I use Discourse, the more I love it. Truly brilliant software. I keep discovering new things that set it apart from ‘the old standard’.”


“A child could set up WordPress integration. It really is that easy! Thanks for making this so painless."


“A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Discourse and to be honest I was a bit hesitant. It was a forums format, but not. It was different and that’s hard to sell to your boss. Ultimately I scrapped all other instances and soon found myself knee deep in the configuration of Discourse and I never once looked back. It fit everything we needed perfectly.


“Now I have piece of mind, I can stop ‘shopping’ with trying to find a good software to be my community’s backbone and now finally stick with Discourse and get to work on actually building my community back up."


“I just had the chance to use Discourse for the first time on another site. When announced I had dismissed Discourse because it looked useless as a forum. While it still looks a-typical I must thank you for making such a smooth user experience, and for persisiting despite nay-sayers like myself. With Discourse my “I should say something nice” thought translated into a real thank you post on the other site only because of Discourse’s painless registration process.”


“Congrats on Discourse! We’re thrilled to have our set of emoji integrated into your new product. It’s about time a company took the proper steps to develop a ground-up message board that fits current standards, wants and needs. I remember hacking my first message board 18 years ago with “sign my guestbook” scripts. You guys have done a fabulous job here. I’ve already told my crew that we need an emoji forum using this software.”

—Rick, EmojiOne

“I think this is the forum software I’ve been waiting 10 years for. I’ve been bemoaning the terrible designs of most forum software for the last decade, which have steadily gotten more bloated but only marginally improved (…) What I espcially like, other than the care and attention that makes this seem like it has been “designed” rather than “cobbled together”, is that the front page doesn’t scream “this is an empty site, there’s no-one here” when it’s just starting out.”


“Just wanted to come back and say what a great product Discourse is! This really is a beautifully crafted discussion platform and incredibly well thought out, credit to the whole team. We’ve been using Discourse now for over 3 months and it’s very difficult to find fault. In 2010 when we launched our company we only had a series of bad options, I think Discourse has transformed the landscape. The way the product has evolved through small iterative changes, backed by empirical evidence and engaging with users is really how software development should be done!”


“I just can’t remain silent anymore and I have to say this: I was always greedy to write content and participate in discussions online. I was 100% consumer of the info, and never contributor to it. But finally this happened to me, too: I’ve loved Discourse (while using Meta) and I’m having a great fun contributing to content, discussing, asking questions, sometimes writing answers, reading while having a coffee break etc. I just can’t stop…thanks to how easy it is to use and how content-focused it is."


“I would like to say that I am super impressed with how Discourse looks so far. It’s obvious you guys are really kicking some ass and making some good software. It’s also really cool to see founders and core devs here participating in real time with us looky-lous. Makes it obvious that it’s getting better as we speak!

— hamburglar

“I just came here to say that the bot provides a terrific onboarding experience. It’s playful and really encouraged me to play around with all the features. I loved watching the bot replies come in moments later. Really drove home the point that there’s some fancy and considered tech going on behind the scenes.


“It’s obvious that the software itself is good, but the quick and accurate support from the team and users is what makes it great.”

—Omar, Glasair Aircraft Owners Association

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