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We love working with our customers to host, build, and customize amazing communities

Let’s Encrypt has been able to scale support for free to over 40% of the internet by leveraging the power of communities.

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UiPath has rewarded and empowered over 60 MVPs from their community for their outstanding contributions and evangelism around the platform.

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An online community brings together people who wouldn’t normally connect with each other in the real world.

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Modern interface; fast; re-imagining what forum software should be.


We tried a few alternatives and nothing came close to Discourse in terms of encouraging healthy and constructive discussion despite a very passionate and diverse audience

Infinite Flight

Discourse has given us the freedom to build a community that caters precisely to our customers needs.

Because the platform is so flexible, we’ve been able to launch custom initiatives, campaigns, and content that have increased sign-ups by over 600%...

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Discourse is flat out amazing. It’s powerful, reliable, and flexible. We transitioned from another provider a year ago and never looked back. We’ve only just started to tap into its versatility. And— oh, the best part? They’re great folks who are smart and listen to our needs.


...[Discourse] helps the team to get direct feedback from language users and contributors in a convenient manner...

Mikhail Vink, JetBrains

"...Discourse [lets us] focus on what we love – bringing support to patients with rare diseases across the world."

Scott Orn, BensFriends.org

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