“It’s obvious that the software itself is good, but the quick and accurate support from the team and users is what makes it great.”

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Frequently asked questions

Are there educational or non-profit discounts?

Yes! If you are legally recognized as an educational institution we offer an 85% discount. If you are legally recognized as a non-profit organization that is exempt from federal taxes, we offer a 50% discount. These discounts apply only to our standard and business plans, and must be paid through a debit/credit card monthly or annually. Please contact us after starting your trial and we’ll add the discount to your account.

What if none of these plans fit my budget?

Good news! Discourse is, and will always be, 100% free and open source software. You may also want to self-host for reasons other than budget, including privacy or full control over the free software that you've installed. Here's how you can install it yourself on your own server.

Alternatively, the community can install or host Discourse in the cloud for you. Check out our list of trusted partners you can work with.

Can I switch plans?

Upgrade or downgrade plans any time for any reason. Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Can I transition from self-install to hosted, or vice-versa?

Yes. Migrating from Discourse to Discourse using a backup is easy, and we’ll take care of everything if you are moving to our hosting.

What happens if I go over the plan limits?

Your site will never stop working! We understand your site can get a lot of visitors quickly for any number of reasons, and success is something to celebrate! If your site exceeds plan limits for several months in a row, we will contact you to discuss flexible upgrade options.

Can I switch to a different host?

Your data always belongs to you. Back up all your Discourse data right from your web browser, any time. Migrate to or from any cloud provider with ease.

Who are your customers?

We might be a little biased, but we think they’re some of the finest companies and organizations in the world. Browse our customer list.

Other Questions?

Need customized hosting? Seeking a sitewide license? Other questions not answered here? Email us at sales@discourse.org.