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Open-source and open communities for the win.

Discourse is customisable and decentralised. You can make it look your own. You have unique accounts for each instance, no centralisation.


We use, and we’re not alone, Discourse hosted by https://discourse.org. It works quite well and with managed hosting I don’t have to worry about anything but the content.

Leo Laporte

I wanted to thank the discourse team for creating such an amazing product. I just updated two instances of the forum without a hitch. In fact, I’ve been using the software for years. And I’ve never had a failed upgrade. And when I need help the team is always available. So hats off to you guys!!!

Drew Friestedt

@SergioRocks We ditched slack for @discourse in our remote async team. Haven’t looked back and the team loves it.

Jake Webber

Discourse is fabulous. My company has used it for a customer forum for 7 years so I’m using it a couple of hours a day. Super happy with it. Though I would like to be able to mark a post as unread. 🙏🏼

Jim Rea

We’ve moved our community back to a forum (gasp), powered by @discourse - on https://forum.ghost.org

Main motivations:

  • Open source, so we own it (we’re kinda big on this?)
  • Format is better suited to large community who have a lot of questions

John O'Nolan

The best implementation of threaded communication I’ve seen so far is the one of @discourse. Check it out!


Discourse is my favorite forum software 🔥

(And it feels unfair to call it “forum software,” as that sells it short and lumps it into a class it has long since transcended.)


I’ve participated in a variety of different communities across several different platforms, but none have quite compared to my experience with discourse - which has offered the best online collaborative environment I’ve experienced to date. So this is a bit of a thank you for building a truly amazing forum service that’s allowed me to connect with amazing people in my community, and expand my skills at the same time. (Plus, smooth support for discourse on both desktop systems and mobile devices, which is appreciated so much!) 😄✨