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Discourse is a world-class, modern, community platform that has been my choice for many of my clients. What's more, they are a great team, and continuously innovate in making Discourse even better year-after-year. Highly recommended!

Jono Bacon
Community Strategy Consultant and Author of People Powered
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  • Fully open source

    The entire Discourse codebase is open and freely available to the public—forever.
  • Truly portable data

    No matter where your forum lives, you retain full ownership of your data.

    No lock-in, no hidden fees, no data sent to advertisers.
  • Unlimited conversation history

    Always have full access to your community's conversation history—no questions asked.
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The altMBA teaches people how to lead in a changing world, and it works because of the community. Our workshops are built on conversation, which is also why they're built on Discourse. This one indispensable tool curbs the worst parts of social media and brings an incredible flexibility to our tech stack. It's the part of our business I never worry about because I've seen the care, skill, and thoughtfulness that goes into building Discourse.

Alex Peck
CTO, Akimbo

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I wanna shout out the team at @discourse. Often we see Twitter used as a resource to commiserate on bad experiences with services but it's wonderful to amplify the extraordinary. Every time I've needed help, the team at Discourse has been super responsive and helpful. Y'all rock.
Hayley Rosenblum
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